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Manage your Accounts & Financial Transactions

Keep track of all the financial transactions of your business. Stay enlightened by having an eye over the business Cash Flows and make smart decisions for future .


Track your sales

Grab all the new opportunities and leads by keeping track of their status. Assign sales targets to team members, watch the progress of the sales team. Plan, Execute and Achieve!


24/7 Global Access

Enjoy the benefits of Cloud Computing and access your software anywhere, everywhere, anytime, all the time!


Robust Security & Encryption

Stay relaxed about the security of the sensitive data of your business. ePuzh is absolutely secure and is designed to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access to your data.

Why ePuzh

ePuzh allows you to proficiently manage your Travel & Tourism business through a single window. The convenience, sophistication and robustness of ePuzh is matchless. Say goodbye to all the obsolete methods of travel business operations and automate the boom of your travel agency.

  • Create your team in the system, assign tasks, view progress and targets
  • Generate reports related to your business and download the reports in diverse formats
  • Boost your sales by setting sales targets based on the relevant factors
  • Communicate with your clients, generate e-invoices and dispatch to clients online
  • Avail the convenience of a multi-language software system by invoicing in the language of your client
  • Keep track of the record of your clients, ePuzh allows you to follow up, touch base and get in touch with your clients smartly
  • The accounting system of ePuzh allows you to record all financial transactions of the business and also to generate financial reports
  • All the data of your business is being taken back up of. You don’t need to worry about your business data to be lost in anyway
  • Pay conveniently in your local currency
  • Book hotels for your clients through the system
  • Create customized travel packages for your clients and sell those packages to clients
  • The Visa Management system allows you to manage the complete process of applying for visas and being issued the visas
  • The ePuzh system incorporates payment gateways that allow the payments through MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Skrill

Organize your Agency

ePuzh brings your travel & tourism agency inside a single window. Don’t be bothered by communicating with clients, booking hotels and applying for visas through diverse media.

Talk to Sales

Excited already but still not sure to make a decision? Fair enough. Find why travel agencies from 50+ countries trust ePuzh to manage their business by getting a free Demo. Get in touch with us right now!

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